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Rich Media Content For Mobile Advertising


Have you visited a website which has ads which expand when you pass your finger over it? Have you seen ads which peel back to show some more information whenever you touch it? All these are rich media content and they provide mobile marketers with a fantastic method of reaching their customers. Rich media ads perform much better when compared to animated displays and standard ads by offering increased CTR and conversions. Here are awesome reasons why rich media content for mobile marketing reign supreme.

Rich media content guarantee a high interaction rate. This can be attributed to such functions as movement, video and a wide range of other engaging features which makes it easier for the customers to interact with the ads which are targeted at them. This high level of engagement could perhaps provide uplift in message awareness as well as association. In the end, this will bring about massive benefits to the brands that are being marketed.

Rich media content provides increased calls to action. Instead of being able to link to just one landing page, there are quite a number of them which you can link to and among then are various social media accounts and contact forms among others. This will enhance the exposure which your brands have since people from diverse sources will be able to access your marketing messages.

The rich media offer more space not only for visuals, but also for messaging. In most instances, some ads have very limited space which users can play as well as display their photos and calls to action. It also makes available adequate space for engagement and related activities. All these are of paramount importance for marketers and brand owners who want to build long term relationships with their customers.

People live watching videos when compared to texts and this can be achieved when rich media content is used. Video is also growing in popularity and is becoming one of the most popular choices for marketers to pass their advertising messages across. But there is need to ensure that you post high quality videos which present the right information in a short, punchy and forceful manner.

Rich-media videos are an awesome way to gain engagement and utilize your video and the result of this is better connection with your customers both in the short term and long term.

Marketers can know if their effort is bearing fruits or not through tracking. Unlike when conventional ads are used, measuring rich media ads is much easier. Marketers have the chance to view measurable figures about their consumers. For instance, it’s possible to know how many people viewed a certain video to the end. If qualitative methods such as Secondary Action Rates are used for measurement, it will be much easier knowing where your customers go to after leaving any of your web pages.


Rich media content are an incredibly powerful and strong method of passing marketing messages to the consumers of your products or services. From being able to provide high levels of engagement, more space for engagement and the possibility of tracking, rich media offers endless benefits.



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