Why Not Using Rich Media Is Killing Your Brand
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Why Not Using Rich Media Is Killing Your Brand


The demand for your brands can be accelerated using rich media. Business marketers are always on the lookout for tactics to qualify, engage and convert potential customers. But because there are a long list of competing distractions which target users, achieving this goal can be harder than thought. Professional marketers who are also in charge of their demand funnel are trying to get new ways that can help them get the kind of information which they don’t know about their prospects. Here are important points for thought.

  • All of your prospects are unknown to you provided that they are still outside your business website. What if you are able to identify these prospects on individual basis regardless of where they are online, how much success could you achieve with your business?
  • According to Fast Marketing, about 80% of your business to business prospects will never be able to get to your website. However, they may be able to interact with your brands or learn something about your business from third party websites, social media, and blogs and community sites. What could happen if you use rich media and other interactive methods to engage with them?
  • 95 percent of all your prospects don’t click the links that are on your email and as a result, they will perhaps not be able top consume the content that is in your landing page. The rate of response which is achieved from email marketing is coming down drastically. What if you would have a better method which you can use to get them to click the email links and take the necessary action?
  • 99 percent of customers don’t click on banner ads in order to be redirected to your website. But this can be improved in scenarios where rich media ads are used. Traditional ads which don’t use rich media have always performed below par therefore making it important to take a fresh look on how you can display your ads.


In the midst of this come rich media which combines visuals, interactive web elements and texts which are published online. Take a gander at rich media which is not just offering awesome visual engagement but can also capture details of the prospect in real time and avail this important information for marketing purposes. Marketers can use the data captured to personalize the follow up interactions with the same prospects hence helping to bring more conversions for the business.

Forget about worrying how you can get you marketing messages across because rich media can help you attract prospects not only to your outer pages, but also to the inner ones. These rich media ads can be posted on social media pages, third party websites and advertising networks.

By not using rich media in your advertisements, there are many things which you stand to lose in the long run. Business owners who are not already using rich media for their mobile marketing campaigns should change their tactics and embrace it quickly because this will help in bringing a lot of difference in the long run.


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