Do Native Ads Confuse You Slightly?
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Do Native Ads Confuse You Slightly?


If you are one of those who have been wondering why the mobile marketing world is experiencing a lot of buzz about native ads, perhaps it’s the most appropriate time to know more about them and start using them to beep up your apps revenue. There is no native app that can be successful unless when it can bring back sufficient income for the developer which will also act as a huge motivating factor. Native ads work for w ell in both desktop and mobile environment, but you should adopt a good mobile strategy if you are to register success.

But what are native ads? In simple terms, these are ads which don’t look like the conventional advertisements. Instead, they take the form as well as the shape of native content for the varied platforms which they are made to appear. Native ads have what it takes to blend seamlessly and reduce the resistance which consumers have towards messages of commercial nature. This means that the consumers of the message are able to consume it without interrupting their flow.

Cross marketing can occur between apps where developers of new apps can use their old apps or those of their partners to advertise those which have just been rolled out into the market. This will help in enhancing the publicity of the ads that have just been brought into the market.

However, there is a lot of confusion with native ads. It’s true that there are, many people out there who really like it and would do everything possible to further it. Even IAB is working towards creative standards for native ads which can help deliver great results.

But there is need to make sure that people don’t confuse native ads for something else. So the question is –what is not native? The key factor which differentiates native ads from others that are available out there is that it should indeed be native. This is something which requires a very different approach when compared to traditional advertising.

One of the key reasons why native ads are getting a lot of traction is that the content are awesome and engaging provided that they are natively positioned within the design of the website that is being targeted.

Native ads are not a new concept because for many years now, content have always been placed within the context of brands, but with express permission from the owners. Most brand owners normally find it much easier promoting their products within others which have developed reputation in the market. This goal can normally be achieved within an app, kitchen gadget, video, movie and many more. In actuality, more powerful content which can leverage various brands in context of one another deliver powerful results. This is what can be said to be native.

So what are not native ads? Any slotted space whose costs have been catered for by advertisers or brand owners which promote goods or services doesn’t represent native advertising. No matter the dimension which you view from, the reason behind running an advertisement is to promote goods and services.



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