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Mobile Advertising Is Growing Faster Than Any Other Format 

The rate at which mobile advertising is growing in the United States is much higher when compared with other advertising digital advertising formats and because of this, marketers and brand owners are finding it prudent to allocate budget to relay brand information and create engagement with this class of customers. For many years now, there has been a huge disparity regarding the amount of time which people spend on tablets and smartphones. The list continue growing yet the amount of money set aside to market to mobile users is still on the lower side.

But according to BI Intelligence, the gap which has existed for many years now continues to close drastically and the level of enthusiasm for well optimized mobile advertising such as native ads and interactive media which help to make it more interesting for the users is on the rise. As the level of mobile advertising targeting for mobile advertising continues to grow more advertising are now joining the fray to learn how to use the mobile platform more effectively.

More recent data which was released by BI intelligence has found out that the amount of money which is to be spend on mobile advertisements is most likely to hit the $42 million mark by the end of year 2018. This is a massive rise by 5% when compared to what was reported in 2013.

The report takes into consideration mobile advertising formats that are deemed to be of great importance such as video, display, search and social. It also provides clear figures on how budget on every category will grow while also providing the reasons behind it. Furthermore, the mobile advertising report by BI Intelligence looks at programmatic buying tools which include real time bidding are helping to reshape the world of mobile advertising.

Nonetheless, the insightful report provided marketers and business owners with important take always which include:

  • Video and display advertising formats w ill be the most growing and advertizing budget will most likely shift from desktop to mobile advertising. The display and mobile video mobile advertising revenue will perhaps grow by a whopping 96% and 73% respectively for the five year period between 2013 and 2018.
  • Social media and mobile search will take the huge chunk of advertising revenue in the United States. Search is a great mobile advertising format because it can easily be targeted.
  • 43 percent of mobile related advertising revenue in the United States will be from programmatic buying. However, programmatic will still be hampered by lack of lack of strong mobile based cookies that can be used for targeting.
  • In app mobile advertisements will do marvelously well when compared to mobile marketing for the web. Also the spending on these could be determined by usage as well as performance.

The comprehensive and insightful report by BI intelligence provides a clear indication of the probable direction which mobile advertising is most likely to take in future. Without doubt, mobile is growing pretty fast, but there are certain components in mobile marketing such as search, display and videos which will experience more growth.


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