The Harsh Realities Of Mobile Advertising 

The Harsh Realities Of Mobile Advertising 

The mobile presents marketers with a great opportunity to market to their targeted customers effectively. However, there are still a number of businesses who are full of reservations , concerns and doubts regarding whether its time to have a mobile strategy as part of their marketing campaigns or not. But if done in an appropriate way mobile advertising can help transform your business into a huge success.

However, there are certain realities that are really harsh which mobile advertisers should comprehend. Professional marketers should know that most people spend their time on apps and there are thousands of them out there. This means that to be noticed, you have to create an app that adds value to the everyday life of the targeted customer. Also, you have to know what amount of competition is available out there and put in place the right strategies to help you get noticed.

Without this kind of information, mobile advertising professionals will not be able to make the most from their mobile marketing campaign.

When rolling out their apps, most mobile advertising professionals are full of optimism. They have hopes that they will break even within a few weeks after releasing their apps into the market. This is a harsh reality which cannot always be achieved. It’s of paramount importance that marketers be ready for a huge disappointment and not break even for their entire life. However, some people may not monetize their apps and will measure their success based on the number of downloads. Being able to register high retention level is the dream of every mobile marketing professional.

Also, there are many mobile apps that are not as good as they should be. This is a great challenge for developers and mobile advertising professionals since they have to make sure that they deliver apps that have great features and which just don’t have generic names. Mobile advertising professionals need to know that mid market for apps doesn’t exist. You are either accepted or rejected, nothing other than these!

Another harsh reality relates to marketing budget. Mobile advertising professionals who don’t have enough money for marketing will not be able to compete with the rest. Even when you have a great product, it’s necessary to have a budget for serious marketing initiatives which will let your targeted customers know about the existence of the app and convince them to give it a try.


Mobile advertising is not as smooth as most marketers would think. Among the challenges include the absence of a middle market for apps, extreme competition and the existence of standards which most be fulfilled. By knowing the above challenges, marketers can put in place the right marketing strategies.

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