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Get Rid Of The Web Design Agency Once And For All 

For many years now, ads were being designed by a web design agency. Marketers and brand owners did not have an option but to use the services of these experts. However, in an industry which is changing pretty fast, things are happening in favor of the marketers. New digital publishing platforms which are rich media equipped are transforming the way ads are created and how stories are told.

In the digital world of today, marketers, chief executives, advertisers ,brands and a web design agency are sharing their content with a view of entertaining the consumer while also providing a great narrative behind the product being advertised. It is without doubt that marketers have turned editors while advertisers have become journalists. Bloggers and authors have also become marketers. At the end of it all, thousands of stories reach the consumers each day.

Due to this, those telling out certain stories must know how to make their narratives rise above their competition. The reason why self publishing platforms such as JustAd is to help marketers, advertisers, bloggers, authors, chief executives to create content that easily stands out from the crowd. JustAd helps content creators weave video, animations, audio, graphics, texts and images into their published work. The end result is a great rich-media content experience which can be monetized, shared or distributed. These awesome and easy to use platforms represent the future of digital publishing.

When a web design agency, marketers, authors and others make content in these formats, they come out as fresh, engaging and full of ideas. Animations, videos and graphics which just tell part of the story can be used to tell out part of the story therefore helping to provide compliments top the written word. Creators can help embed videos into the marketing messages and stories, teasing plot twists and engaging the leaders in many awesome ways.

Depending on how a web design agency views it, marketing images and pictures can be created small, large or layered, together with filters and texts depending on the kind of advertisement and message which is being passed across. A web design agency comprehends that by including Audio in their content, they can be able to alter the mood.

Inside JustAd, this can be done by anyone without technical expertise or design skills that a web design agency normally has. The platform is helping to make rich media content publishing much easier and cultivate creativity, which are the main elements that brings out differences in published works. Just like how a web design agency would create its content, the form factor which JustAd offers is exceptional and helps to enhance the consumption experience of consumers.


Initially, the reason a business would use the services of a web design agency is because they wanted to mirror the kind of experience which is offered by offline publications. Unfortunately, most of them failed while trying to do this. But now that self publishing platforms are available, it has made it possible for photos and images which are the primary content currency to be customized to suit certain specific needs. The rise of video in recent times attests to the fact that rich media has become an integral component of mobile marketing.


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